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Oblivion Era feat. Alex Erian (Obey The Brave) My Autumn
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Исполнитель: My Autumn

Название песни/трека: Oblivion Era feat. Alex Erian (Obey The Brave)

Время: 03:18

Прочитано: 564


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Текст песни:

From the early, few first day,
The man who just came to, our world
Starts to learn about this larger-than-life place.
Using all those people, siting next to him.

From the few firts days
Families with us
But sometimes it happens
thing so wrong
human kindness and care
Don't surround us at all
Trying to catch any branches
Like a stalk through those ashes
Almos reaching the sunlight
He escapes from this day

In on of the such
Badly families
The soul is appears
Pure than any of us.

So sick of abuses
And infinite reaproaches
He runs away from this home
Until his feet start bleeding

He swore to himself
Bring benefactor to this arrogant world

A year has passed, another one
There lives the youth and he rewards the rascals giving them a hope

Day after day, so hard to live
Everyone's around wants him to fall apart from every mount he climbed

Mind coing blind in his gorgeus soul into oblivion
Diving in a pit
He disappers
Has begun to hate
Cheated on this own
he own faith

They have found the insane, quite fast
in moment when he cut hi victim throat
Becoming just the same as us

From the early, few first day,
We destroy everythyng kind we have
Pulling downwards, to ourselvel
Everyone who come across our eyes

We are living
We're living in oblivion era

My Autumn - Oblivion era feat. Alex Erian (Obey The Brave) [English]
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