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Fantasy Girl Man Overboard
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Исполнитель: Man Overboard

Название песни/трека: Fantasy Girl

Время: 02:57

Прочитано: 388


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Текст песни:

Just like a dream....

She called me kinda late last night.
Said that she knew everything
and all those pretty little words came out.

And just like I planned,
she fell into my arms again,
and I could pretend that I would lie with her forever
and wait for the end.

You're right, you're right, we should be together.
Tonight, tonight, I could make it better
if I just gave up on my stupid little fantasy world.

You're right, you're right, that was a fake smile
and you're right, you're right,
I am in denial.
I should just go home to my perfect little fantasy girl.
You're my fantasy girl.

Just like I said...
she crept back up inside my bed.
Said that she missed everything
and all those words that made me fall came out.
Just like a trap, everything just fell right back
and we were on track. And I could lie with her all night now
and wait to react.

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