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Название песни/трека: Exodus:origins [Альбом: Exodus:origins (Single)]

Время: 03:44

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Текст песни:

Look up at the billions of suns
We could be already there if we've just learned to speak!
That's our anthill collapse
Chronicles of our lies and deception.

Welcome on board!
Start all engines and get on the course
We set out ...at light speed... to the stars ...to better place.

Hey hello! Is this world big enough?
Please let us know Is there some space for us.

You know I feel a bitter taste on my lips
I wish we could set ourselves free from our fears.

Come on and give us a chance
To see the beauty of new land
For the sake of all those
Whose prays had never been heard
We can not change all the cruel things
That had already been done
But let's start building dreams
Let's stop to run.

And this bitter taste on the lips ...tell me I'm wrong!
Will we always destroy what we build? ...no we will not!
I wish we could set ourselves free from our fears
And from our self-destructive addiction ...we will set ourselves free!


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