2014 the final delusion

The Final Electro Delusion Die Sektor
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Исполнитель: Die Sektor

Название песни/трека: The Final Electro Delusion

Время: 04:20

Прочитано: 245


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Текст песни:

Put your best face on
It’s time to face the audience
Standing so resolute
Lights out for this séance
Far off in the distance
You can see the tension rising
A dream inside a dream is where you’ll find me hiding
The rain, my tears
Where always on cue
The dread, the fear
It was always just for you
Nightmarish conflictions
Stand erect outside your wall
I am constructing our ending
A final solution for us all

Verse 2:
The beatings relentless
The syntheslicers mutilate
All conscience is left drowning
But you always want to raise the stakes
All their lights leave you feeling cold
Confusing times a crowded head
Let us now assume control
Lament for the end.
All left unsaid


Die Sektor - The Final Electro Delusion [HD]
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