diary of dreams 2012 the anatomy of silence

O' Brother Sleep (The Anatomy of Silence 2012) Diary of Dreams
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Исполнитель: Diary of Dreams

Название песни/трека: O' Brother Sleep (The Anatomy of Silence 2012)

Время: 03:25

Прочитано: 508


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Текст песни:

These faces, noone embraces,
trade your intelligence for a smile

He wo harasses - innocent masses -
forgives, to save your soul - in time

Desperate believers, emotion dealers
have never learned to cry liquid pearls

And silently these T.ribes o.f T.raitors
have captured everyone, including you

Have you commanded painfully?
Have you avoided endlessly?
Have you not seen these tired faces?
Have only left your gruesome traces!

These are my words to make an empire fall
and to raise a New, a better one.

Diary of Dreams - She And Her Darkness / The Anatomy of Silence 2012
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